• May 11, 1805 - Valley county, Montana


    Bratton was pursued by a grizzly bear, About 5 P.M. my attention was struck by 1 of the Party runing at a distance towards us and making signs and hollowing as if in distress. I ordered the perogues to put too, and waited untill he arrived; I now found that it was Bratton . . . about 1 1/2 below us he had shot a brown bear which immediately turned on him and pursued him a considerable distance but he had wounded it so badly that it could not overtake him; I immediately turned out with 7 of the party in quest of this monster. we at length found his trale and persued him about a mile by the blood through very thick brush of rosbushes and the large leaved willow; we finally found him concealed in some very thick brush and shot him through the skull with 2 balls. . . these bear being so hard to die reather intemedates us all; I must confess that I . . . had reather fight 2 Indians than 1 bear; there is no other chance to conquer them by a single shot but by shooting them through the brains . . .         (Marion).


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