• During Years 1805

    Jean baptiste was born the 11 february 1805, by Sacagawea thanks to Jesseau who gives the venem of rattlesnakes to facilate childbirth. To cotinue their expedition they built small boats because Sioux stall their horses. The 7 april 1805 the expedition left for Mandan whith whith the the mission to bring 108 botanical specimens,68 minerals and maps.

    The expedition continues in the rise of missouri .They join the river Yellowstone the 26 april 1805.The shipment is made difficult by two grizzly attack.The 26 mai 1805 Lewis perceives the rocky mountains for the firt time.Lewis decides to go whith three men to recognize falls Missouri was onepassages of the trip.
    The 11 august 1805 is the first meeting with Shoshone, their leader Cameahwait is  Sacagawea and gave horses to help the expedition.The first snow appear the 3 september and the hunger is felt. gave fish and roots for helping them.The 10 october They cross the Snakeriver.

    To conclud Lewis reached the Pacific Ocean the 15 november 1805.


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